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We're happy when you're happy. Some of our customer's feedback is below:

PL Pete Small

Vikki Murphy, HR Adviser, Nelson Thornes Ltd

"We are using both Belbin reports and another psychometric questionnaire for some training next week, and have ordered reports online for our delegates with both Companies. However we have had very different customer experiences.

Your website is very user-friendly - it's simple to navigate and find the information you need. In addition the process of purchasing reports and setting up delegates on your system was very straight-forward and made much simpler by your use of simple, appropriate terminology and labels. Another bonus is that the reports are e-mailed to me when they've been submitted , rather than me having to log-in and access them, thus allowing me to monitor submission much more easily.

Alongside your online process, when I have had reason to call you with a query, your Customer Services number is easy to locate and your team has responded quickly, efficiently and very knowledgably.

In comparison with the other Company we've been dealing with, our customer experience with Belbin has been fantastic and I won't hesitate to use you again."

RI Jill Small

Tim Mitra, Training Products Development Manager, RICS

"I found the new style of report a great addition to our Teambuilding training courses. It really helped bring the theory to life and provided a useful aid for prompting and encouraging discussion of real life team issues and situations. From the delegate perspective the reports were easy to understand, and as a trainer the online interface was easy to use to send out and manage the reports. A fantastic training tool.”

ME Debs Small

Marian Baines, Trainer, Opus Energy Limited

"The session was very good – I let them read their reports and then asked them to do a team activity. They are just starting work on a big project so I used the activity ‘Project Stages’ from your website. I got some additional information from the department manager to make it more tangible and got them to focus on key stages of the project that’s coming up and asked them to identify which team roles they would utilise for each phase. They found it very useful and the outputs were great."

CF Tom Small

Managing Director, Symonds Forecourts Ltd

"I was talking to our HR manager regarding Belbin and we genuinely believe it would be way too expensive, for once pleasantly surprised at the cost."

Peter Twist, The Mind Factory, Australia

"In relation to the cameos, they are excellent, set up nicely with the effective/ineffective scenarios and the use of the one actor gives a subtle contrast between the different Team Roles. And the scripting is powerful (have been taking notes!)."


Penny McLuckie, Leadership focus, India

"Just tried out the new format and it was great - it was a treat just having my report appear in my in-box with no effort on my part! We really like the new reports. We feel they are user-friendly and the graphics are clean and modern. Well done!"

CO Nigel Small

Jooli Atkins, Learning Facilitator, Matrix FortyTwo Ltd

"I've just started a large project using the new website and reports. Having used the old one for many years I find it a much lighter-touch and easier to work through.The reports are also clearer and my delegates are excited to receive them.They give detailed background information that reduces the amount of time I have to spend explaining to each individual. The support I get from the team at Belbin is always great too. Thanks."

IMP Vix Small

Jill Dann, Best-selling author of 7 titles on Change Management

I am including Belbin in my 7th book with your website details because it is irreplaceable. I may have been using it for decades but nothing better has emerged that is as sound and applicable to project environments and their various technical stages. I'm including Belbin in the proactive conflict resolution chapter - because that is what it is:proactive preventative and resolving or avoiding conflict. Many thanks for still being here.

Customer Feedback
If you would like to share your experience(s) of using the Belbin Team Role reports - the content/process/application - we would be delighted to hear from you. Any feedback on our customer service and website would be great too!

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